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What is it?

We can accurately tell you which shoe is biomechanically superior for you. At Body in Motion, we use a gait analysis system armed with 2 cameras and 93 LED sensors that help identify walking and running characteristics at the speed of light. A unique service we offer is when someone possesses multiple pairs of shoes, we can compare their performance and efficiency in each pair to the millionth of a second in a detailed report.

Stride changes and asymmetries even when they are slight can pay a price when it’s over thousands of steps/strides.

Let us help find the BEST shoe for you.

Common conditions we treat that benefit from this therapy:

Individuals who spend ample amount of time on their feet at work, as well as individuals who enjoy running, hiking, or walking. If an individual notices low back, hip, knee, ankle or foot pain sometimes being in the proper footwear can make dramatic changes. Plantar fasciitis, IT Band Syndrome, Runners Knee, and many more conditions have been causes by improper shoe wear in some cases. Runners who struggle progressing to increased mileage without fatigue or pain could be from footwear alone.

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