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What is it?

Briefly think about the last time you went to the doctor. Do you remember having your blood pressure taken? Blood pressure is taken every visit to your doctor because it is a proven quick and effective screen for monitoring your current cardiovascular health. Excitedly the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a proven quick and effective screen for your current musculoskeletal health!

The FMS helps us identify dangerous movement patters so that they can be addressed. It also indicates an individual’s readiness to perform exercise so that realistic goals can be set and achieved with decreased risk of injury/reinjury. The FMS can be applied at any health or fitness level as well as provide a functional baseline to mark progress and provide a means to measure performance.

The FMS has proven to be an accurate predictor of future injury in the National Football League (NFL), USA Track and Field, and United States Military. The FMS is being used by many organizations as a gauge for training volumes and sports performance. The FMS holding up on the highest levels of human performance translates amazingly well to the rest of us who want to remain healthy during every day activities as well as exercise.

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